Stadium Pampas

Located in the city of Osijek, the largest city in eastern Croatia, this project signifies the awakening of the city and sports architecture as a whole. This will be the first new stadium being built in Croatia in the last 50 years. It is being built for local football club NK Osijek and the aim is to build a cutting edge stadium and training complex in the western Pampas district of the city. The stadium is designed for the category UEFA 4, which guaranties a state-of-the art facility for the promotion of not only professional but also recreational sports as well.

The architecture language is simple and clean. It is being built in a rather green area of the city of Osijek, right near the river Drava. We wanted it to be monumental but not overly aggressive. While coming up with original concept drafts, we immediately envisioned a clean structure with a minimal number of building elements. Just a white / translucent presence in the green landscape. When viewing the stadium from the outside, 3 basic architectural elements stand out.

The first element is an impressive white structure of the roof measuring 185x150m, this is the first fully covered stadium in Croatia, ever. The roof structure extends outside the stadium ensuring shade or rain protection and making it a more public friendly area. Hovering 23m above the ground the roof will surely be the landmark element of the stadium. The second element are the white, circular, columns that connect the roof with the ground. The third element is a translucent facade with custom lighting solution that transforms the stadium during the night or creates an interesting visual show during matches. The translucent nature of the facade will ensure sufficient sunlight access by day to facilities beneath the stands. Currently in construction.

Category: Under Construction
Year: 2019
Area: 54.000
Total investment: 50M €