About us

Founded about 30 years ago SIRRAH projekt is a multidisciplinary engineering team with over 30 members.

It is our belief that the best projects come from a synthesis of all the elements that make one building be it a small family home, large industrial building or a big infrastructure project – the principle of design is the same. Managing all these elements into a coherent design without compromising the desired character of a building and public space in general is what allows us to form the best spaces possible for our clients and people who work in the buildings we design.

We have 30 years of experience in project management, investment management and everything from concept to execution design. Currently we employ over 30 licensed engineers and architects and are working on industrial, agricultural, infrastructural, retail, residential and sport projects. Our complete project documentation is made with BIM tools and reflects the latest trends in the industry. We are one of the few firms who have completely integrated BIM solutions in to their design process. Having already completed large projects in the BIM ecosystem we are confident that we can offer industry leading quality and precision of design.

So far our 50 biggest projects have a combined investment of over 1.5 BILLION € and over 1 million of square meters of surface area.

O nama Sirrah