Laboratory Inspecto

The architectural language follows the methodology of scientific research – rationality, precision and clarity. The volume is broken down into 3 distinct entities – 2 laboratory wings and a central communication volume. This is a freestanding building that is located outside of the city in an unbuilt area and it’s relaxed expression becomes a new element in the space and a blueprint for future development of this part of the city.

Defining the volume with calming rectangular lines, white color and landscape decorations offers a certain contrast and adds value to the area. Some functions are further emphasized by the subtle changes in the volume by emphasizing the laboratory wings in relation to the central structure, with tranquil portions designed to connect all the contents into one functional entity.

The main feature of the exterior design is the perforated metal mesh that, besides its aesthetic role, has the purpose of sun protection thus ensuring a good working space. The white color reflects the scientific function and does not subordinate space to itself, but attempts to integrate into it, leaving a minimal but still recognizable imprint.

Our team was involved from concept stages through execution designs and construction supervision.

Category: Mixed use
Year: 2017
Area: 4.000
Total investment: 6M €