WWTP Vukovar

The wastewater treatment plant of the city of Vukovar is an integral part of the infrastructure project which aims to improve the water-utility of the city
and its surrounding area. The water and sewage system will go through an upgrade and new additions to bring it up to EU standards and Croatian standards of environmental protection. To make that possible a large international team of different professionals was assembled. Being near a large river as Danube the wastewater treatment plant is seen as an integral investment in to our environment. With capacity of 42,000 EC the plant will treat all wastewater of the surrounding areas before discharging it in to the Danube. The project will be carried out in stages that include:

  • Construction of embankments, plateau and building a gabion wall,
  • Construction of access roads and equipment for waste water treatment,
  • Construction of the main supply duct.

Category: Industry and agriculture
Year: 2017
Area: 57.000
Total investment: 19.6M €