WWTP Osijek

The wastewater treatment plant of the city of Osijek is an integral part of its infrastructure that has a huge impact on the local ecosystem. Osijek lies on the fairly large river Drava and is near swamp nature reserve of Kopački Rit and the Drava-Danube estuary. Its designed capacity of 170,000EC is well above the current needs and inline of future population trends.

A large international team was assembled for this project and we were brought in as an emergency to get the project going with our expertise. The project is divided in to three phases: Embankment and groundwork, facility for mechanical purification and the facility for biological purification. Our team was brought later in the project as experts and we were tasked with reevaluation of all previously made documentation and taking over the execution design.

Category: Industry and agriculture
Year: 2017
Area: 165.000
Total investment: 27.500.000 €