Restaurant Crna Svinja

Located in Čepin, just outside the city of Osijek, this picturesque location lends it self perfectly for leisure and hospitality. However, the building and surrounding area was in disrepair and a comprehensive reconstruction, with sensible approach, was needed. We decided to preserve the shell of an existing brick barn and to reinforce the existing wood trusses in combination with modern elements hoping to achieve a mix of tradition and contemporary architectural language.

Two concrete “boxes” which house sanitary and service spaces were put in the middle of the building dividing it in to a restaurant and a dining hall sections. The concrete in the lower half was left raw to compliment the brick materials. Wood is used as a warm contrasting material. Next to the main brick building, a modern, sleek, addition was added which houses the state of the art kitchen spaces positioned in a way that they are visible from the restaurant in a “show cooking” manner.

The restaurant Crna Svinja is open to a beautiful Slavonian landscape which we aimed to have that classic nature feel, so we did not intervene with strong manmade objects or flora. Our team was involved from concept phase to execution design as well as construction supervision.

Category: Hospitality and leisure
Year: 2019
Area: 3.000
Total investment: 2M €