Oil factory Čepin

This was a large and comprehensive project for us. We were tasked with the complete modernization of edible oil plant Čepin. First built in 1942 it was a right time for modernization. New silos, an extraction plant and a floor storehouse for sunflower seeds were designed and built.

The production processes in the Oil factory Čepin are carried out in three basic production plants: pressing plant, refinery and filling plant. The filling plant is fully automated with capacity of 6000 liters / hour. Special care was taken regarding the environmental protection by using environmentally friendly and energy efficient methods and reusing all the waste products as much as possible. The capacity of this plant is now hundreds of tons per day. 600t/day of sunflower, 500t/day of beets and 450t/day of soy thus making this plant one of the largest in Croatia and one of the most technologically advanced in the region.

The shine of the steel silos, clean and simple lines of the rest of the buildings gives this project a sort of industrial beauty. Our engineering team was involved in this project as advisors and from concept to execution design as well as construction supervision.

Category: Industry and agriculture
Year: 2017
Area: 21.000
Total investment: 10M €