Meat industry Žito

The DOBRO meat industry project actually consists of four separate freestanding buildings. Three of the four high-tech plants produce different types of cured meat like salami, pancetta, hams etc. The fourth building is used for cutting, packaging and distribution. While designing this building we wanted our approach to be on the human level.

We wanted to have natural light in every room where humans were working. The design is simple and subdued thus maintaining a sense of monumentality when observed from the local areas. Designing the building, selecting the materials and arranging the size and shape of the facade openings stem from belief that natural light is important for a good work environment and for productive workforce. This is why natural light is our main focus here as it permeates inside of the building. The views on the golden fields and blue skies give certain a calmness. Golden panels on the facade with blue sky evocates an image of golden wheat fields under the clear blue Slavonian sky.

The result is an technologically impressive and architecturally pleasing building. Our team was involved from concept stages to execution designs as well as construction supervision.

Category: Industry and agriculture
Year: 2016
Area: 77.000
Total investment: 35M €