IWWTP Sugar factory Osijek

The industrial waste water treatment plant for main sugar beet processing facility is a part of comprehensive modernization of the sugar industry in Croatia. Each plant had to be brought up to EU standards and have a dedicated WWT facility on its grounds. We were tasked with the sugar plant in Osijek. While processing the sugar beet, large quantities of water are used and will now instead of going directly in to the river system first go through 95,000EC treatment plant.

Comparing the capacity for one factory and the whole city of Osijek the ecological impact of the sugar plant becomes more and more evident. This is an absolutely crucial project for ecological sustainability. The water treatment plant is located at the sugar plant it self and it’s now an integral part of the plants operations. Our team was responsible for the whole design process from concept to execution designs as well as construction supervision.

The project was performed in two stages:

  • Reconstruction of the sewage system at the location of sugar factory Osijek and building WWTP,
  • Construction of pipelines of treated waste water, from the location of the Sugar factory to the river Danube where it is discharged.
Category: Industry and agriculture
Year: 2017
Area: 210.000
Total investment: 9M €