House LUN

Located on the island of Pag in the small town of Lun this project aims to leave a minimal impact on the environment and the surrounding vistas. Since the site is on a slope it was fairly obvious to us that we need to design a house that is, when observed from behind, underground.

The green roof of the house will be divided and made to look like traditional Mediterranean fields giving the impression, when coming to the house, that there is no house here. There is just one funnel that leads you below the ground level and in to the house backyard. The house is fully open towards the sea vistas from the front and is angled in a way that it won’t disturb neighboring vistas but it will preserve its own.

The landscape is kept authentic with authentic plants, trees and shrubs. Visible concrete elements serve as a smooth contrast to the rocky Mediterranean landscape with wood and plant elements that give off warmth.

Category: Residential
Year: 2000
Area: 400
Total investment: 2M €