House K Korčula

House K is one of our favorite residential designs. It’s located in a small bay on the pristine island of Korčula. The owners wanted to be close to the sea without upsetting the natural views of the sea and the peninsula Pelješac. Our ambition was to reduce the impact when looking from the sea inland.

Overbuilding is a great problem on our Adriatic coast so we wanted to neutralize the appearance of the overbuilt space. Our vision was to break the single volume of needed space in to two smaller ones thus neutralizing the possible appearance of overbuilding. The main living spaces are oriented to the sea taking in all the beauty of the island. The rest of the building site is authentic, meaning it’s covered in authentic olive trees and shrubs, herbs, plants in general that grow here. Once the growing is done the house will disappear when viewed from the streets.

We were involved from the start to the execution designs and construction supervision.

Category: Residential
Year: 2018
Area: 120
Total investment: 0.8M €