House JD

Located on the outskirts of the city of Osijek, Croatia, in a grove in the middle of wheat and corn fields this 10Ha site is poised for revitalization. We were tasked to design a home for a person who does business all over the world but wanted his home base to be in the city where he was born.

It’s a family home as well as a personal indulgence for the investor. Comprised of 2 volumes, the house is a barn shape volume interpreted with modern materials and clean lines. All the living spaces are in the main volume while the large garage flanks one of the sides of the house. The garage is next to the main house and will be used for everyday things, cars etc. Further away is a proper barn which will house horses and an important old timer car collection with freestanding circular space which will be a painters atelier.

As for the landscape we wanted to keep it authentic so the only intervention will be a horse riding path on the perimeter and a couple of new trees while most of the ground will be neatly cut lawn. The aim is to preserve the forested look in the middle of the Slavonian fields.

Category: Residential
Year: 2020
Area: 500
Total investment: 3M €