Gymnastics hall Sokolski dom

Our task was to reconstruct the already existing building and to envision a contemporary annex. This is a historically important building for Osijek so special care was needed as the building was listed in the national cultural heritage registry. We had to work with traditional materials and building techniques in some areas of the project.

The existing building is from the start of 20th century and is built in a historic style with a recognizable front facade with its Greek temple influences. The building was reconstructed to it’s original architecture design with great care by studying the original blueprints and by probing the building elements to gauge the right composition of mortar for example.

The addition behind the existing building is in 2 parts. The first part is a mirror like glass covered “cube” which houses the locker rooms and supporting spaces for the gym hall it self. The glass facade was chosen to make a sort of brake between the “old” and “new” and to reflect the surrounding landscape.

The gymnasium hall is simple, rational and functional hall with a large amount of natural light. A textile facade was then chosen to cover the concrete hall. It’s orange color, sharp angels and non-symmetry reflect the motion of its users and bring some color in to the surrounding area which houses open fields and an ice rink during winter.

Category: Sports and recreation
Year: 2018
Area: 5.000
Total investment: 5M €